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Caviar Money Clip Wallet by Fisher & Woordes

Fisher & Woordes is a brand of refined style and premium craftsmanship for distinguished gentlemen around the world; transcending generations and striving for the extraordinary. With a focus on accessories such as wallets, belts, scarves and beanies, Fisher & Woordes revolves...

One Stop Cool

Fisher & Woordes: A Synonym For High-Quality Men's Accessories

Nowadays, men have a hard time finding the right accessory that matches their favorite products. Whether it’s a belt, a scarf or a set of cufflinks, investing in simple yet timeless accessories is something that every men should consider.The truth is, you get only one chance to make a first impression – so why not make it worthwhile?

Genteel Flair

Confident in Cashmere: Fisher & Woordes

Cashmere has long been a staple of a luxury wardrobe, the fiber coveted for both form and function. With unparalleled suppleness and unmatched insulation while remaining effortlessly lightweight, it’s no wonder the rare wool has been synonymous with opulence among the social elite for centuries.

Sam Gray

Fisher & Woordes: The Touch of Luxury

Being a blogger, I regularly receive packages from various brands, but it's on a very rare occasion that as much care and attention is taken in making the boxing as perfect as the product. I'm a firm believer of treating yourself to a few luxuries every now and again and investing in good quality...

Carl Thompson

How to accessorise your Diner Jacket / Tuxedo this party season

The scarf I'm wearing is from new luxury brand Fisher & Woordes who are one of my menswear finds of the year. They currently have a collection of 3 scarfs which are warm, classic and beautiful and perfect to style with your dinner jacket suit.

Igee Okafor

3 Simple Ways for Men to Look Stylish at Work

These days, what you wear to work is contingent on what goes on in your work setting, and regardless of what that environment is, there is something to be said about a man who attempts to present himself well with the way he dresses. No matter where you work, it is always very important to find ways to spruce up your look...

Carl Thompson

Outfit of the Week | Men's Style Edit

How has everyone's December been so far? Mine has been super productive and I've even managed to combine working extremely hard with shed loads of going out and waking up with hangovers. The only thing that's...

Carl Thompson

Men's Outfit of the Day | Style Edit

When wearing a bright coloured piece of clothing such as a jumper, trainers, t-shirt etc, it works extremely when when pairing with dark, basic colours such as navy and black. Whatever the bold piece of clothing is, combine it with these dark colours. So for example, I wouldn't wear...