The Essence
of fisher
and woordes

The Essence Of Fisher & Woordes

When waking-up and getting dressed for the day to come, men like us need to be able to rely on certain things. Things that strengthen our feeling of confidence. Therefore, we tend to fall back on timeless pieces that enhance our style and appearance. Not impacted by fashion trends. We at Fisher & Woordes are obsessed by creating these iconic accessories for men. And we are convinced it requires full focus and dedication. Our design principles have been inspired by the great Leonardo Da Vinci who said: ”Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. We have refined simplicity. Adding certain style elements to basic forms. Thereby creating unique collections, named after century old Italian artists. To highlight their timeless character and craftsmanship in creation. At Fisher & Woordes, all products are handcrafted to perfection by the very best Italian artisans, using only the finest materials available. Creating true masterpieces that can stand the test of time. Because we know that simplicity in details creates a man’s true sophistication.

How it all

How It All Started

For quite some time we discussed and agreed that fashionable items come and go way too fast. We love seeing the excitement of family, friends and colleagues when ordering new clothes or accessories…. However, hate to see those items never again, just because they are not fashionable anymore. We noticed that men, more than women, cherish certain pieces that never appear to go out of style and are used over years. We realized that those items all had two things in common: basic designs and durable fabrics. Both of us have had ideas of starting a business before. We decided to take the idea further and create iconic signature accessories for men. Making them available worldwide, delivered to our customers within days. With own basic designs and qualities that are at least matching those of the most expensive designer brands. We want our brand to be a representation of our belief. The belief that gentlemen deserve sophisticated items.

Our Products

Our Products

Ever wondered why Cashmere is so valuable? Cashmere is an animal-hair fiber, forming the downy undercoat of the Kashmir goat (Pashmina Kashmir goat). The Kashmir goat has long twisting horns and is named after the Kashmir area in India, Pakistan and China. Although the goat is also bred in other areas, only the original Kashmir goat delivers the finest quality cashmere, used in our products. It is very rare and constitutes less than 0.1% of global cashmere production. All of our belts are made from the best calfskin available. The selected vegetable tanned leather is smooth, flexible and silky soft. The stitches and dying on the belt are extremely accurate. The lining on the inside is made from nubuck, a buffed top grain calf leather, giving the belt its sturdiness, yet velvet-like surface on the inside.

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