Three reasons to consider buying a Cardholder



Words by; L. Visser

An official Fisher & Woordes blog

The ‘cardholder’ is around for a while now, so it is safe to say that the ‘pocket wallet’ isn’t a fashion hype. Rather, it is actually a very useful accessory, which is used by men for a couple of very good reasons. I wrote this article to make a list of the ‘Three reasons to use a cardholder’. 

1. Cardholders are extremely compact!

The cardholder solved an important issue; bulky pockets.. The traditional wallet often times became so thick and bulky that it would almost rip through your pockets. Besides, we all hate how bulky pockets look. Luckily, the cardholder (or ‘pocket wallet’) solves this problem. It is a practical, elegant and very functional accessory that is considered a must-have amongst men. 

2. More cards, less cash

We’re living in the era of digitalization. This means that not only did we swap traditional letters for e-mails, but we also swapped cash money (mostly) for digital money. The result? There is no more need for cash pockets in our wallets. However, we did notice an increase in the amount of cards we use. Therefore, the cardholder is (again) the solution. Instead of having to search through your bulky wallet, use a cardholder with only your top-priority cards in it, to make your life a little less hard. 

3. Express finesse

While the cardholder seems to be only practical, it is still an item through which you can express yourself. They come in all sizes and designs and while you can buy them very cheap, there are some top-quality ones on the market too. With it’s slick looks, it is easy for your eye to fall on, and hence, people are using the cardholder as a proper accessory. 

In this day and age, we progressively long for practicality, while preserving a sense of style. The cardholder is an accessory that offers both. Without having to walk around with bulky pockets and a lot of cash, we can now opt for something that not only looks great, but also offers great practicality. 

The Fisher & Woordes Alligator Cardholder

This exclusive piece is the crown jewel of the F&W cardholder collection. With a slim and unique design, luxurious genuine alligator leather in combination with smooth calf leather, 6 card-slots and a central bill/coin compartment, this will be your exclusive travel companion for years to come. Handcrafted in Italy with utter devotion, this piece quietly marks true success.  

This timeless treasure is made to last for years and years to come.