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3 simple ways for men to look stylish at work



Words by; L. Visser

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These days, what you wear to work is contingent on what goes on in your work setting, and regardless of what that environment is, there is something to be said about a man who attempts to present himself well with the way he dresses. No matter where you work, it is always very important to find ways to spruce up your look. This doesn’t mean making an effort towards an unorthodox appearance, it simply highlights understated advances comfortable enough to help upraise your engagement at work – the way colleague, and clients interact with you, and how you feel about yourself.

Three simple ways you can make this happen for three different work environments extend below:

1. Traditional work environment

If you work in a traditional setting that requires suiting, you must start off with classic styling, especially in the trouser department. In addition to your trousers being well fitted to the waist with the hem sitting perfectly on your shoes, making more of a subtle statement with a well polished Calfskin belt satisfies the conception of what is most suitable. Details matter, and belts are still a great way to add distinction to your outfit. The people around you will notice because it’s an aesthetic that is well pleased.

2. Casual work environment

If your workplace demands a more casual sense of style, which in most cases, you’re doing agency work or working in advertising, it’s all smart casual and you do not need to try too hard. Featuring an accessory as simple as a cashmere scarf is a good way to grab the right kind of attention. Why? Scarves are known to add a certain flair to complete an outfit.

3. Both work environments

Whether your workplace is more on the traditional or casual side, the most important things to focus on are fit, function, and appeal. If your clothing doesn’t fit you properly, you’re going to look scruffy. If your clothing isn’t comfortable or flexible enough for you to navigate properly, it’s wasted money. You want to purchase well-made clothing you will wear over and over again without getting bored of it. Choose wisely, and think ahead. Invest in items that will stand the test of time for years to come versus settling for trendy items for the time being.


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