How Fisher & Woordes is helping men succeed in business



Words by; E. Visser

An official Fisher & Woordes blog

‘Clothes make the Man’. Whether you like it or not, the way you dress for business is vital to communicating who you are and who you want to become. Having been in international business for 25+ years, I have experienced the significant impact my clothing had on how people treated me. Wearing a well-tailored suit commanded instant respect. As respect and self-confidence went hand-in-hand, paying close attention to my clothing has proven to be a pretty good investment in my path to success. One thing however kept bothering me (and many of my fellow businessmen) throughout my career.

Wearing a $1,000 tailored suit in the right base color is a good start, but certainly is not enough. Like tire rims can make or break the looks of your highly exclusive car, clothing accessories can either greatly complement or completely ruin the appearance of your expensive suit. If you believe (like many businessmen used to do) that it is easy to find the right premium men’s accessories, you will be in for a great surprise.

I kept hitting the same wall when I entered the top league of men’s accessories. While I was looking for modest ad stylish pieces, they all had logo’s the size of my fist, or emblems that made the whole thing look cheap! When I noticed most of my colleagues were struggling with the same issue, I made it my mission to create a solution, no matter how long it would take.

After 2 years of fully dedicated preparation, the F&W line of premium men’s accessories was launched. All F&W accessories have a couple of distinct features that are rare in combination:

- basic modest designs & colors that can be combined with the most of your exclusive outfits, both for business and (smart) casual;

- not dependent on fashion trends, so in 5 to 10 years they will still look stylish on you;

- (hand)crafted with utter devotion by the highest ranked Italian family businesses. You will continue to notice the flawless finish of your treasured pieces;

- only the very best materials are used, giving a wonderful solid feel for multiple years of daily use