Five reasons why you need a proper wallet

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5 Reasons why you need a proper wallet

We all have one and we use it on a daily basis: our wallet. We spend so much time looking for that perfect suit that we tend to forget where our money or our credit card is kept when we have to pay for it! The wallet is arguably one of the most underrated accessories. In order to give it the credit it deserves, I’ve made a list of ‘5 reasons why you need a proper wallet’.


1. It holds your dollars!
Yep, I know this one is obvious, yet it is so true. A LOT of men walk around with an over stacked and worn-out wallet while a wallet is the exact place where their money is kept. Your wallet should be a temple for your dollars. It is the accessory that embodies value (also literally) so it should be treated that way! 

2. A proper wallet can induce confidence.
Believe it or not, your wallet is looked at every time you pull it out. A wallet says a lot about you. When paying the restaurant bill, your company will certainly have a glance over your wallet. Imagine pulling out that old dirty wallet in front of an important business partner..! On the other hand, when pulling out your exclusive designer wallet, your companions will surely take notice and this will in turn induce confidence!
3. A wallet is only shown on moments that matter.
It is during the important moments that your wallet matters. So many men forget about this simple detail, yet it is so important! Buying your date a drink - Paying for the cab ride so that your business partner doesn’t have to – Handing out your business card to an important lead - Paying for a business lunch… You probably get the point. A good impression lasts, and it all comes down to details (and your wallet is one of them!).     

4. A proper wallet doesn’t bulge out your pockets
Most wallets are made to carry a lot of nonsense. In this day and age, we can go around with a lot less cards and coins. This in turn means that our wallets are getting slimmer. Our advice: look for a modern wallet with a money-clip in the middle. This keeps the wallet very slim and easy to carry around. Because admit it: we all hate it when our pockets are bulged out..

5. Details matter.
Although it might sound cliché, details matter. Be it the belt you are wearing, or the wallet which you pay with, it are the details that will make or break your outfit. Simply remember that small things make a huge difference. Always.

Now that you know the 5 reasons why you should own a proper wallet, it is time to find out for yourself what suits you best. Look for quality, look for a slim design, and most importantly, look for a wallet that matches your style.

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