5 Common Mistakes in Wearing Men's Belts



Words by; J. Woordes

An official Fisher & Woordes blog

Although men are very used to wearing belts daily, there is clearly more to belts than just quality. Most men find it hard to choose between various type of belts offered. Most belts on offer are useless because men are usually looking for base solid colored, functional, and modest belts. It is quite simple choosing the right belt when you follow a few basic principles.Here are the 5 most commonly observed mistakes in wearing men’s belts:  

1. Belt style does not match clothing style

When dressed more formally (for business or dressy occasions), men sometimes tend to wear wide belts (3.9 cm/1.54 inches or even wider). A basic rule is that wide belts should only be worn with more casual clothing (lighter denim & cargo pants), while narrow belts (3.4- 3.5 cm’s/1.36 inches) should be worn with more formal clothing (business attire, chino’s and dark denims). 

2. Color belt does not match color shoes

Wearing a cognac leather belt with black leather shoes is another example of a non-matching styles. Please remember that the color of your belt should always match the color of your shoes. So, a black leather belt is in perfect combination with your black leather shoes. Also, the material of the belt should ideally match the material of your shoes. A dark blue suede belt for example is the perfect match to your casual dark blue suede shoes. 

3. Belt is too long or too short

Another commonly made mistake in wearing men belts is that the belt’s tail is either too long (showing a large loose hanging tail) or too short (barely being able to put the belt’s tail through the first loop of the pant). Please remember that the belt is sized correctly when you can wear the pin of the buckle through the middle hole. Good quality belts usually have 5 holes. You should then be able to wear the pin of the buckle in the third (middle) hole. The belt’s tail size will then be automatically in the right proportion.

When buying a belt online, you can choose the right size by using proper ‘Size Guides’. Good size guides will help you to match the belt size with your pant size. You should also be able to measure your waist size and find the corresponding belt size with the help of a good size guide.

If you are not able to choose between 2 sizes, please always choose the larger size, as it is usually quite easy to cut the belt to a smaller size. This should obviously be done at the end where the buckle is connected to the belt. The buckle connection can be in the form of a screw mechanism (which can be easily unscrewed) or, usually with the better quality belts, in the form of a clip (which can be easily opened and closed again).

4. Accessory metals (watch clasp, jewelry and belt buckle) do not match

When wearing a golden watch and golden bracelets/rings, ideally the belt buckle should also be in a golden color. Likewise, when you are predominantly wearing silver (like a watch or bracelet), you should ideally choose for a silver buckle.For this reason, we always prefer to have buckles with a clipping mechanism, as it is quite easy to change the buckle and match the color with those of the other metals you are wearing. An additional advantage is, that with buying two different leather belts with two different colored buckles, you can basically have 4 different belts.

5. Belts are worn out (belt buckles/ leather)

The quality of the belt will determine its useful life. When wearing a leather belt of which the inside (lining) is glued to the outside, upon wearing, the two halves can come apart more easily. Stitched belts are more durable and have a longer lifetime.Belt buckles can also show signs of wearing. With cheaper quality buckles, the outside finish can be worn off. Brass has long been the preferred metal for belt buckles, as it is lustrous and is resistant to wear. It’s still a classic, but today, also stainless steel is a good buckle option for belts for men.

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