3 simple ways to improve your appearance



Words by; L. Visser

An official Fisher & Woordes blog

The way a man dresses tells a lot about him. There is an entire psychology behind the clothing we wear. For a good reason; clothing is a way to express ourselves. It is a way to tell more about the person that we are, without using a single word. However, we do have a few guidelines to follow. After all, attending a job interview in your ripped jeans and your street-style hoodie is probably not going to land you a job. In such case, a tailored suit is probably the better option (although some occupancies do not require this anymore).

In order to make it easy for you, we’ve listed 3 simple ways to improve your overall appearance.

1. Always consider the occasion!

Put some thought into the occasion you are attending. Ask yourself a couple of questions such as: Am I visiting an old friend? Am I meeting the CEO of the company that I work for? or maybe more importantly: ‘what will they be wearing?’ Asking yourself a few of these questions can help determine what you should be wearing. In case you really don’t know what to wear, always remember it is better to be ‘overdressed’ than ‘underdressed’.

2. Pay attention to the details

Wearing the right accessories can make a world of difference. So how do you pick the right accessories? It is important to accessorize using the right colors. Always go for the basic colors (Black, White, Grey, Off-white, Brown, Silver, Etc.) By doing this, there is (almost) no way you’ll make a mistake with color combinations. A subtle high-quality belt or a nice wallet can give your outfit a significant boost and can help you carry a more powerful appearance. Put some effort in the details of your outfit.

3. Focus on quality

This one is simple; quality is timeless in every sense of the word. Most of the time, quality items last for years. Also, real quality lasts a lot longer in terms of fashion. Take our advice and invest in quality clothing rather than cheaper clothing. It won’t only last longer, but it also looks better. People will be able to distinguish quality clothing over cheap clothing. Besides, the knowledge that you are wearing some fine quality clothing boosts your confidence, which in turn boosts your appearance.

Dressing properly isn’t hard. After all, as long as you feel confident with what you are wearing, you already accomplished a lot. A lot of men simply don’t know how to achieve the look they are going for and look at fashion as being a very specific type of clothing. Fashion doesn’t mean wearing expressive colors, or flamboyant clothing. It simply means following a set of basic rules. Simply remember, fashion hypes come and go very fast, while timeless trends last forever.